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A tribute to the humble Ladoo

The motichoor ladoo (otherwise known as laddu), a sphere of sticky sweet goodness that is often forgotten about. Imagine if you were a Delhish ladoo amongst the vibrant array of Indian sweets, some topped in silver, some with colours and shapes that leave you in awe. What would life be? How would you stand out from the crowd? Well that seems to be a problem our ladoo is facing. His silver topped, muti-coloured counterparts are outselling him. We are writing today to set things straight and promote our little sticky friend as he is a firm favourite within Indian communities. Made with gram flour and syrup these sweets are a taste sensation not to be overlooked, (I actually ate one before beginning to write this piece and my mouth is still watering). We implore you to give the rich luxurious ladoo a try with your next order. You will thank us later!



    Good call James, please do send through your feedback once you have tried them. You should receive your order tomorrow! Delhish

  • James Hall

    I have just bought a box with my order, I’ll let you know my thoughts after I’ve tried them. Love your site by the way, I can’t wait to to receive my sweets :)

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