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Gourmet Indian sweets, savouries, spices and more for modern British life. Our sweet recipes are derived from India with love, handmade in the UK with love, and finally delivered to your door, with love. Shop now for nationwide UK and mainland EU delivery. 

Delhish, launched this year by Dipesh, is a young company, but one that is founded on age-old values of quality and service. Dipesh began thinking about Delhish last year when he brought Indian sweets for his partner Rosie’s family the first time he met them. It turned out to be the first time they tried Indian sweets. They loved them. And Dipesh, but that’s another story.

Delhish Indian sweets delivered to your door

Dipesh soon started to realise just how few of his friends and colleagues had never tried Indian sweets. Indeed how few Brits outside of British Asian communities had tried them, despite Indian curry often being voted Britain’s favourite dish. So Dipesh turned Indian Willy Wonka and started giving his friends and colleagues a taste of what they had been missing. He has to say that the reactions of these self-confessed ‘mithai virgins’ at the sight, smell and taste of his beloved Indian sweets didn’t really surprise him. Just like his girlfriend and her family, they loved them. It was then that he knew that he had a higher calling: to share the joy of Indian sweets with the whole of Britain. So he quit his corporate city job in pursuit of this adventure. It’s an adventure that has taken him back to his family’s roots in India, which his mother called home before she moved to Britain at the age of nine, where Dipesh was later born.

Just like Dipesh, Delhish’s sweets are made in Britain. This means they are FRESH! They are made just how they are in India by halwais (sweet makers) who are born into the profession. The recipes they use they inherit, just like the job and have been passed down the centuries and the generations. This means that whether you call them mithai or sweets, whether you describe them as traditional or authentic, whether they are firm family favourites or new taste adventures, Delhish’s sweets are perfect for you, because they are the true taste of India.

For an even truer taste of India Dipesh has expanded Delhish’s range to include mouthwatering savouries, as well as the popular filled spice dabba so you can cook up a true taste of India in your own kitchen. Make sure you’re following us on social media for exclusive Delhish recipes and tips, and more to the point discounts! Please check each product description carefully as some of our products contain nuts, traces of nuts and milk, all of our products are 100% vegetarian. 

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